Support ProMED – Contribute to a Special Fund

In August, we celebrated the start of ProMED’s 28th year of operations. Today we are launching an ambitious fundraising campaign to ensure ProMED has another 28 years ahead of it. Our goal is to raise US $1 million by the end of 2022 from you, our ProMED users, subscribers, and community.

We are asking our colleagues and data consumers for your financial support to keep ProMED going as this year isn’t like any other year. With multiple pandemics still ongoing and public health resources overwhelmed globally, funding for non-traditional, innovative  disease surveillance platforms is not a priority for governments or traditional donors. ProMED is in critical need of financial support.

Did you know:

  • ProMED costs over US 1.5 million per year just to keep the lights on.

  • 96% of ProMED subscribers say they look at ProMED regularly.

  • 99% or ProMED subscribers say they would miss ProMED if it stopped; 61% say they would miss it “a great deal.”

  • It costs $24,000 per year just to send ProMED subscribers the emails they sign up for.

Fewer than .01% of ProMED subscribers contribute funds to support ProMED.

As we grapple with the true cost of information technology, inflation, increased demand for more data on posts and novel diseases, and support for our ever-growing international network, we are asking all of our readers to consider making a $28 donation in honor of ProMED’s 28th anniversary.

If you are one of the 99% of readers who would miss ProMED, please donate today.


Linda C. MacKinnon, MPH, PMP